The arab economy today
Nouvelles Éditions Numériques Africaines (NENA)
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The arab economy today

Nouvelles Éditions Numériques Africaines (NENA)

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The Arab Economy Today is a detailed account of the present economic situation
of the Arab World. Samir Amin presents a wealth of statistical information to
show how oil revenues are being spent, which economic sectors are developing,
the allocation of skilled labour, the distribution of national income, and the
region's patterns of external trade. He concludes that the oil-rich Gulf
states are squandering their income to shore up the international monetary
system; the more populous oil states are making little effective provision for
the day when the oil runs out; and all of them are increasingly integrated
into a dependent and subordinate position in the world capitalist system. In
short, Samir Amin argues that, given the existing class distribution of power
in the Arab World, no real effort is being made to employ the massive oil
revenues to open up an independent path towards a mature industrial economy in
the Middle East. A major introductory essay to the book focusses on the vast
number of Samir Amin's more empirical writings. Written by British sociologist
Aidan Foster-Carter, who has specialized in the field of theories of
underdevelopment, this essay introduces the reader to the scope and
multiplicity of themes with which Amin has concerned himself during nearly 30
years of scholarly work. A Complete Bibliography of Samir Amin's publications
is also included. This specially compiled Bibliography is the first
compre­hensive listing of all Amin's writings: books; articles and papers;
theses and reports - as well as debates, critiques etc of Amin, in English and
French, 1955-80. It is an invaluable guide to the massive corpus of Samir
Amin's theoretical and empirical work.
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