Delinking, Towards a polycentric world
Nouvelles Éditions Numériques Africaines (NENA)
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Towards a polycentric world

Nouvelles Éditions Numériques Africaines (NENA)

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Is it possible for the Third World to escape from the constraints imposed by
the world's economic system? Does not attempting to do so lead inevitably to
the stagnation of barrackroom socialism? What room for manoeuvre do Third
World states have? Are they condemned to dependence? These are some of the
questions Samir Amin confronts in this major development of his theoretical
ideas. He argues that Third World countries cannot hope to raise living
standards if they continue to adjust their development strategies in line with
the trends set by a fundamentally unequal global capitalist system over which
they have no control. The only alternative, he maintains, is for Third World
societies to « delink » from the logic of the global system - each country
submitting its external economic relations to the logic of domestic
development priorities, which in turn requires a broad coalition of popular
forces in control of the state. Delinking, he shows, is not about absolute
autarchy, but a neutralizing of the effects of external economic interactions
on internal choices. With its global approach and illuminating grasp of new
realities, Samir Amin presents a fresh attempt - bound to provoke intellectual
controversy - to understand the changing nature of global capitalism in the
1980s, as well as to explore the strategic development dilemmas it poses for
Third World countries.
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