Empowering Outperformance, A contemporary strategy for grandgoal achievement
Die Keure Publishing
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Empowering Outperformance

A contemporary strategy for grandgoal achievement

Die Keure Publishing


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**Do you have the dedication, discipline and concentration to finish what you
set out to do? To be a high performer?**

This book is not meant to come up with the typical ten point plan that you
find in the plethora of books on “how to…” or “finding the shortcut to…”. It
is simply not realistic to impose the one and only way to become a performance
beast. We cannot be made immune to personal emotions and our brains work in a
very unique way and therefore it seems illogical to accept the restrictions of
such ten-point-plans. Dixie Dansercoer surely does not want to preach,
generalise or standardise training methods to manipulate people into becoming
high performers. Our brains may be trained just like muscles, but people
cannot be as easily manipulated as flesh and bones.

The goal is to provide the reader with inspirational insights with respect to
high performance, provide him/her with practical guidelines and stories to be
read and shared without drowning in all-too-academic theories. The red line of
polar exploration allows the author to write from the heart with accounts of
his direct experiences. When confronted with the monotony of infinite white,
wide-open spaces, one cannot but study the mental and psychological impact of
these ambitious expeditions.

**Throughout his book, the author offers a lived and original example of what
is needed to be(come) a top performer.**


There is nothing more exhilarating than the intensity of amazement. To be
subjected to forces bigger than us, to be part of it, live it, touch it, smell
it, feel it, love or hate it... only then can you be part of the real thing.
In order to find that intensity, the only thing we need to do is put our mind
to it, go out there
and do it. Does it come for free? No. Is pushing the limits an easy thing to
do? No. To get the most out of our potential, we must **commit**. If we want
or need to deliver, we must be ready to work hard and be resilient. To follow
a dream, we must be ready to fail as well. Stop dreaming and you will have a
hard time falling asleep.


**Dixie Dansercoer** is a lifelong adventurer who has placed his focus on
Polar exploration during the last 26 years, running many record-breaking
expeditions that raised the bar for what seemed impossible. Parallel
scientific missions, educational projects and enthusing the public at large
are tools he uses to objectively raise awareness regarding our individual and
collective responsibilities vis-à-vis the pristine character of our precious
Earth. Together with his wife Julie Brown, he runs Polar Circles, with which
they present keynote speaking, corporate-supporting campaigns and productive
retreats. As one of the very few International Polar Guides Association few
Master guides, he provides guiding services with Polar Experience for which he
has designed polar trips ranging from soft immersions in the Polar Regions to
extreme ski-kiting expeditions to (Ant)Arctica.

Dixie is the author of 24 expedition, photo, children’s and corporate books
and does not hesitate to include in his publications that belief in a good
world, positive attitude and much humour can save the world. He is a father of
4 and sharing his time between Belgium, Switzerland, Oregon and … wherever
snow and ice are the icing on the cake !

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