The Legend of Zelda. The History of a Legendary Saga Vol. 2, Breath of the Wild
Third Editions
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The Legend of Zelda. The History of a Legendary Saga Vol. 2

Breath of the Wild

Third Editions


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**Continue the discovery of the famous game _The Legend of Zelda_!**

Featuring in the pantheon of video games, the Breath of the Wild episode of
the mythical Zelda saga is fully covered in this new book.

**Following the first Chronicle volume of a legendary saga, this second part
focuses exclusively on the episode Breath of the Wild, decrypting its
references, its game system and the inspiration of its developers!**


Starting production on a title that sought to radically redefine the core
elements of a franchise as iconic as The Legend of Zelda involved a certain
amount of risk for Nintendo. To fully understand the situation, we feel it is
essential to start by determining what was really at stake in this challenging
effort by looking at the many promises that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the
Wild carried with it from the earliest announcement of its development until
the moment it was released. With this perspective in mind, we will first step
back in time to examine any clues potentially found in other recent
installments of the franchise as to the creators’ desire to rethink the game’s
most basic conventions. We will then consider what fans were expecting from
this attempt to go back to basics and revive the ambitions of the original
Legend of Zelda. We will also look at Nintendo’s communications strategy by
way of the trailers and other official presentations that were used to
introduce the game, and consider the credibility of Breath of the Wild’s claim
to innovation in its approach to the open world genre. Of course, we will also
focus considerable attention on director Hidemaro Fujibayashi’s history with
the series, and listen to the development team’s thoughts as we attempt to
better understand the origins of this latest Zelda game. We then close the
chapter with a look at initial reactions from fans and video game journalists
when the game was first released on March 3, 2017.


Better known by her pseudonym Romendil, **Valérie Précigout** spent 15 years
as a journalist for _Jeuxvideo.com_ , Europe’s largest video game website. A
fan of Japanese RPGs, she managed to establish herself as an online critic
when the Internet was still struggling to keep up with print media. She loves
manga culture and Japanese leisure activities and shares her impressions about
video-gaming news at _Extralife.fr_. She is also the author of _Dragon Ball:
The Tribute_ , from the Force label at Third Éditions, and contributes
articles to the _Level Up_ book series from the same publisher.

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