Useful Work versus Useless Toil, How we live and how we might live
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Useful Work versus Useless Toil

How we live and how we might live

LM Publishers


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It is assumed by most people nowadays that all work is useful, and by most
well-to-do people that all work is desirable. Most people, well-to-do or not,
believe that, even when a man is doing work which appears to be useless, he is
earning his livelihood by it--he is "employed," as the phrase goes; and most
of those who are well-to-do cheer on the happy worker with congratulations and
praises, if he is only "industrious" enough and deprives himself of all
pleasure and holidays in the sacred cause of labour...

Here, you see, are two kinds of work - one good, the other bad; one not far
removed from a blessing, a lightening of life; the other a mere curse, a
burden to life. What is the difference between them, then? This: one has hope
in it, the other has not. It is manly to do the one kind of work, and manly
also to refuse to do the other. What is the nature of the hope which, when it
is present in work, makes it worth doing? ...

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