Re-Imagining the Guyanas
Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée
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French Guyane, Guyana and Suriname are not often focused on. Sometimes French
Guyane is believed to be an island, and one often wonders where Guyana is
situated, or Suriname. This collection of essays aims to increase the
visibility of the Guyanas and more particularly of the three countries
mentioned above. It also means to contribute to scholarship already published
and share the knowledge across various disciplinary fields. It will question
the traditional divide between disciplines as the best way to approach such
complex territories that contain many geographies, histories, languages and
cultures. Moving away from simplistic and binary perspectives, the
contributors of the volume address these questions that revisit colonial and
postcolonial identities, and the porosity between their borders. What can the
Guyanas do for us and what can we do for them? Creative and academic writers
such as Gaiutra Bahadur, Sonja Boon, Janette Bulkan, Juanita Cox, Tim Cribb,
Cyril Dabydeen, Charles Forsdick, Lisa Katharina Grund, Kathleen Gyssels,
Natalie Hopkinson, Ateeka Khan, Sinah Kloß, Michael Mitchell, Gabriel Cambraia
Neiva, Clem Seecharan, Janice Lowe Shinebourne, explore their Guyanas and

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